Tuesday, December 21, 2010

One Month China Part 3

Part 1 and Part 2

Well as you all know, my first trip to Beijing was to apply for a business visa. And am pretty sure you already know that my next visit was to get it. Unfortunately, my visa was still not ready so I ended up staying in Beijing for a couple of days. Am sad but happy at the same time. Sad because my entire team is already on their way to our client but happy in a way that I got a few more extra days to tour around Beijing with accommodation and allowances! hahaha...

My first visit was easy because am with my Chinese team mate. The second one was a Charade trip. Language barrier is really a problem although I found out that most university students could speak English. Well not most maybe, but there are a few.

At first I thought am gonna get lost, but I didn't. Taking the subway was actually pretty easy. There are many signs for directions and they also have an English version for the Train Stations Maps. :D

I wasn't able to get to The Great Wall at first because I have no time. So I decided to check it out. There are many ways to go there. By bus and by train. A friend of my officemate told me to take the train since it's faster and not that expensive. During that time, I think we bought the ticket around 12 and 15 Yuan for bus and train respectively. This is a must see in Beijing. One of the best that I've seen. There are also other sections you can visit.

Cloudy but still a beauty

Badaling's Famous View

A rest after reaching the TOP!

Photo Op on the way Down

A note for those who want to go to Badaling section and plans to finish the entire stretch, go there early morning as it took us almost 5 hours to finish it. Well including picture session which is actually the reason why we took that long.. hahahah.. That means you'll be back at the center around 3 or 4pm depending how long it took you. Then you can still take a look at Bird's Nest and Summer Palace. Most tour usually go to Badaling, Summer Palace and Wangfujing on the same day..

On the next day, it was a Sunday so I decided to find a Catholic church and attend a mass. I saw one on the net and it's beside Wangfujing Area, also known as Beijing's Shopping District. Too bad I arrived late. The church was already closed and that English masses were held at 6 in the morning.

Wangfujing is easily accessible that's why its considered as the heart of the city.

View from Beijing Hotel Side(not sure hahaha)

View on the other side (near the church)
Finally, I was able to get my visa and a start of another adventure.. :D
Till next.. :D

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