Tuesday, February 23, 2010


I have just sold my camera gear and so am in the state of deciding which one to get. There seems to be many great cameras today as compared to when I first had to choose one. There's no preference in brands but I still have a little interests with Pentax compared to others.. Maybe because of using the brand for almost 3 years already. hehehe..

I guess my next camera will be one of the following:

1. Canon 7D (interested with Canon because of some of their lenses)
2. Pentax K7 (Pentax will always be in my heart :D)
3. Nikon D90 (interested with Nikon for their CLS)
4. Pentax Kx (and get another lens)
5. Pentax Km (and get a good PnS)

Hopefully next month I'll be able to get a hold of my new camera. Although I have to say, am more sold to K7 and D90 at the moment. I just can't justify Canon 7D's price. Although I'd love to try it. heheh.. Options 4 and 5 just came a few days ago. Thinking I'll just get a decent camera today and get a semi-pro body for events by December.. Let's see!