Monday, August 29, 2011

Hiatus Over

The last post I had was in January wherein I had no internet connection back then. Now after almost 8 months this blog has been stagnant or in hiatus period. I had the connection way back April but I was too lazy to start blogging again. A lot opportunities lost but not until today.

It was raining so I decided to stay at home watching all day. It was late afternoon I decided to have some break and started looking through the window. The view was beautiful and calm, that yellow light reflecting over the glass windows of the buildings. I decided to get my camera and started shooting but I couldn't even get a single good shot because my windows were too dirty. Two minutes later I was on top of our apartment building overlooking the city. Took some few shots and then I just sat down waiting for the sunset.. I never thought Dalian could be beautiful. Hahah..

Dalian Seaside - View at the Top of my Apartment

I'll try to update this blog every month. Although I do have a One Photo project which could make me update this blog everyday! Till next time! :D