Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pentax K10D Grand Prix is enough!

As with my previous post, I put my camera on sale to fund my purchase of a new Pentax Kx. But then, deadline came and no one asnwered to my ad. There are some but not with the whole package I had listed. It's a mix of emotions since I wanted to have that Kx in my hand and at the same time I don't want to partake with my camera. hahaha.. I guess I'll just have to wait next year then. Besides, just convincing myself that it's ok:D, I can do most of the things I want to do with my camera like...



and Nightscapes

Urge to buy one is over, now it's time to more shooting!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Go out and SHOOT!

Got hyped by the new camera, PENTAX KX, and my urge to buy it is getting stronger and stronger. So I decided to take my current camera, Pentax K10D, to some photo ops to convince myself that it's more than enough for my needs. It's one way of loosing my interest to the new camera..

Purple Leanie

Camarines Sur : CWCC

I was perfectly happy with it until I tried to shoot during my friend's daughter birthday party. It was so dark that I had to shoot ISO 1000-1600. I also had the same experience during my brother's wedding.

Those frustrations led me to put my camera gear on sale, which somehow I regret it. After seeing some of my shots during those events, I could say I survived in the sense that I did have a set of good shots. I still love my camera and I am pretty sure I haven't outgrown it. Maybe am just tempted to buy the new camera simply because of the great deal I might get with it. On the other hand, a good quality lens paired with my current camera will definitely help me with my next event shoot. I really should start saving now!

In the end, am not 100% sure to sell my camera, heck not even 70%. It's still on sale but will only be till December 10. Let's just see where I'll end up! :D

Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning the Craft

This post have been in draft for the past few weeks.. couldn't finish it.. heheh.. anyways read on.. :D

I've always find photography interesting specially fields such as Portraiture, documentary, landscapes and macro. I find myself amazed how simple things at sight become beautiful in a single frame. Learning the craft of photography requires time and patience. You could say experience is one of the tickets to getting the right image.

During the first few days of having my first DSLR, you could tell that I am a trigger happy person. I don't think at all! I just shoot and shoot to the extent that I get tired and then stop. I also had the impression before that once I get to use a DSLR, all of my shots will be as good as the pros. But they were NOT!. In fact some point and shoot(PS) images are better than mine.

It was at that point that I need to learn the basics! I started browsing online, joined forums and watched videos in Youtube which I found them to be very informative!

The very first things I noticed that I lack of are:
1. Composition
2. Exposure Triangle
3. Know your camera

As for me, with the abilities of cameras these days, I think the very first thing to learn is COMPOSITION.

Thursday, September 17, 2009

Choosing your first camera

Choosing your first camera could be burden, specially if there are so many out there to choose from. I know it for sure base on my experience. 

When I finally decided to buy my first camera, the first thing I did was to check available products out in the market. And to my surprise there are quite many of them. Well if you narrow it down I have to choose from more or less 8 cameras. Setting aside the used market products(the older ones) simply because I wanted it to be brand new. Besides it's gonna be my first gadget out of my hard earned money. :D

Movie function and size are not important to me so all of my choices are DSLRs. Besides I already planned that time that I'll be getting a small camera for movies. Unfortunately I still don't have one up to now. :(

Narrowing down my choices to 2 was easy when I asked myself the following questions. 

1. How much is my maximum budget? Narrowed my choices to 5 
2. Old or New model? Narrowed it down to 2

Both cameras  definitely has its own pros and cons. Although am pretty sure this time that whatever I choose, am going to make the right decision. Why, coz I know that each camera is capable on its own league.

I kept on asking my office mate who's a photographer way back during the film days, which one should I get? And he always kept on saying, try the cameras first and then choose after. And so I did and finally decided on getting the Pentax. Just like what I said in my previous post.

Now if you're just like me, choosing your first camera, ask yourself the following question.

What do I want to do with my camera?
Does size and movie matter?
What is my maximum budget?

And if you're into DSLR, take into consideration the system you're buying. Check lens lineup, customer service and product availability in the local market. This is one of the things I forgot when I bought Pentax. Am not complaining but it's hard to find Pentax products in the Philippine market. There maybe some but priced too much compared to US prices.


Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Few Shots!

September 29, 2007 was the day when I had my first DSLR. It took me days and months to decide which one to get. Been reading reviews everywhere until I ended up with 2 cameras to choose from.

Brand was a major issue for me at the start but ended up with the not-so-popular one i.e. Pentax. I've chosen it over the other base on a single reason, how the camera feels on my hands. Feels just right and my big hands fit perfectly in the camera's grip.

This is my first camera and it is a Pentax K100D Super.
I just found out today that the first pic taken by this camera was a group of senior citizens. Suprising! I don't even know them and yet they greeted me as if they know me.. heheh

They call themselves Ikebana. A group of people doing flower arrangements for different occasions. They have an exhibit going on that day so I decided to try my new camera. Some few shots of the flowers..

With these shots(no editing done).. I made the right choice, not in a sense that the other camera was not good. It's just that I really like Pentax colors!

Tuesday, September 15, 2009

I'll Be There

Writing and blogging has always been a weakness of mine. It has hindered me in creating my own personal blog for past few years. But not this time.

After two years of being engulfed in photography, I finally decided to have my own photo blog. A blog showing my endless journey in learning photography. A collection of thoughts, emotions and ideas captured in frames of lights.

I'm Jay Jay and this is my first post. Come and join me as I unravel photography on my own! :)