Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Coastal Photography - Part I

I have always been amazed with those coastal photos all over the net. Even some of the shots taken by my friends all over the Philippines. And with so much curiosity, I wanted to try it.

Portraiture has always been my favorite but I always find landscape to come next to it. I even wanted to do landscape portraiture but I find it hard to bring the models to some scenic places. Not only that it's expensive, it requires a lot of time too. Lately I realize there are ways to do it. One way is to make my travel buddies/siblings my models. Another one is to do it within the Metro... :)

And with so many ideas from endless readings about coastal/landscape photography, me and my friends decided go on a trip. And where else should you be when you want to do landscape/coastal photography... none other than the COVES of ZAMBALES..

First stop was SILANGUIN cove. .

We were really excited that we arrived at the scene around 4:30pm. Only to realize we were too early and that it's not yet the right time to shoot. Boredom strike, I took this shot.

2 hours passed, finally a glimpse of the beauty of nature!!!

but it can be gloomy though.. :)

First sunset of the trip was a success, not that we had the best shot but because it was at that time we finally understood(on hands) all those ideas and theories we've read before the trip.

Right after the sunset, it was time for the bright moon. It was calm and relaxing specially when I was lying on the sand gazing at the moon....

And then morning came and I was too lazy to shoot.. But somehow I still grabbed my camera and took some snapshots around...

The next shot was an island sitting at the left side of the cove.

So much for the first 24-hours of our trip..