Thursday, December 10, 2009

Pentax K10D Grand Prix is enough!

As with my previous post, I put my camera on sale to fund my purchase of a new Pentax Kx. But then, deadline came and no one asnwered to my ad. There are some but not with the whole package I had listed. It's a mix of emotions since I wanted to have that Kx in my hand and at the same time I don't want to partake with my camera. hahaha.. I guess I'll just have to wait next year then. Besides, just convincing myself that it's ok:D, I can do most of the things I want to do with my camera like...



and Nightscapes

Urge to buy one is over, now it's time to more shooting!

Monday, December 7, 2009

Go out and SHOOT!

Got hyped by the new camera, PENTAX KX, and my urge to buy it is getting stronger and stronger. So I decided to take my current camera, Pentax K10D, to some photo ops to convince myself that it's more than enough for my needs. It's one way of loosing my interest to the new camera..

Purple Leanie

Camarines Sur : CWCC

I was perfectly happy with it until I tried to shoot during my friend's daughter birthday party. It was so dark that I had to shoot ISO 1000-1600. I also had the same experience during my brother's wedding.

Those frustrations led me to put my camera gear on sale, which somehow I regret it. After seeing some of my shots during those events, I could say I survived in the sense that I did have a set of good shots. I still love my camera and I am pretty sure I haven't outgrown it. Maybe am just tempted to buy the new camera simply because of the great deal I might get with it. On the other hand, a good quality lens paired with my current camera will definitely help me with my next event shoot. I really should start saving now!

In the end, am not 100% sure to sell my camera, heck not even 70%. It's still on sale but will only be till December 10. Let's just see where I'll end up! :D