Friday, January 28, 2011

A Life Without the Web?

So my previous year 2010 was a blessing. I was able to visit three countries during the Ber-months wherein two of those countries were part of my DREAM LIST.

So now am back here in China. I'll be sharing some photos soon, or maybe when my DSL connection is established. I don't have one right now so I'll be offline for the next couple of days.. or weeks for the worst, hence the title 'A Life Without the Web?'.. How to do you think it will be?

Anyway... I plan to move this blog to WordPress but am hesitating because I had a few posts here already.. Hmmm.. Care to chip in what you think I should do?


  1. jay! i like the new look of your site! nice!!! we will be in China on March! kaso wala kana ata sa pupuntahan namin by then!

  2. @Jerome,
    Thanks! Where do you plan to go? Although am pretty sure you will not go to Dalian.. heheh.. :D

  3. Um.. why do u want to change to WP in the first place? Never tried BS so i really can't be of help. Anyway, just dropping by to tell you, you're in my blogroll whether you like it or not. :p

  4. Well done! You proved that Kit Lens is good enough if you've got a good eye. ;-)

  5. @Bernard,
    Thanks for visiting my site! :D