Wednesday, October 14, 2009

Learning the Craft

This post have been in draft for the past few weeks.. couldn't finish it.. heheh.. anyways read on.. :D

I've always find photography interesting specially fields such as Portraiture, documentary, landscapes and macro. I find myself amazed how simple things at sight become beautiful in a single frame. Learning the craft of photography requires time and patience. You could say experience is one of the tickets to getting the right image.

During the first few days of having my first DSLR, you could tell that I am a trigger happy person. I don't think at all! I just shoot and shoot to the extent that I get tired and then stop. I also had the impression before that once I get to use a DSLR, all of my shots will be as good as the pros. But they were NOT!. In fact some point and shoot(PS) images are better than mine.

It was at that point that I need to learn the basics! I started browsing online, joined forums and watched videos in Youtube which I found them to be very informative!

The very first things I noticed that I lack of are:
1. Composition
2. Exposure Triangle
3. Know your camera

As for me, with the abilities of cameras these days, I think the very first thing to learn is COMPOSITION.