Monday, July 5, 2010

Coastal Photography - Part II

You can see Part I here.

Our first day was very fulfilling to the point we wanted to wake up early on the next day to shoot sunrise. Unfortunately I never realized that the sun will rise on the other side of the cove. Poor me, I wake up early just to see nothing but clouds. Somehow I got frustrated and got lazy to shoot.

But while I was gazing at the open sea, I saw some streaks of lights in the water. Dunno what happened but the next thing I know is that I have my camera with me looking at calm sea and clouds. Sun rays slowly shines over the clouds giving that yellow orange color. It was beautiful!!



And after shooting, I reviewed some of my photos for a few minutes. It seems that I only took landscape shots. To make things a little interesting, I wandered around to shoot some stills just to break the mood. The following shot reminds me of Apple's seashell shot..

Shooting was fun but the calm sea was so inviting that I grabbed my goggles and started swimming. Well I actually don't know how to swim so it was more of a practice. Hahaha.. Afterwards, we hop on the boat and went to Nagsasa cove. We were actually lucky to arrive 5 or maybe 10 minutes earlier because strong winds and rain came right after us. It would have been difficult/dangerous riding those big waves.

Nagsasa cove is next to Anawangin when it comes to popularity. Too many people there unlike in Silanguin wherein we're the only visitor. I prefer Silanguin for its serenity. :)

A very common photo of Nagsasa cove.. my version

Nagsasa Sunset

So this end my trip. Zambales is indeed one of the best places to be when it comes to coastal/seascapes. So far Silanguin is my favorite because of its calm beach and peaceful surrounding. The only drawback though is that it's a 2-hr boat ride to get there. But for me, it was worth it.

This concludes my Coastal Photography trip but I'll be posting a third part for this which deals mostly on some of the things I learned during the trip. Hope it helps some who wants to try it.