Friday, December 10, 2010

One Month China Part 1

Some of the few photos I've taken during my 1-month stay in China. My camera is one of the few ways to lessen homesick and boredom.

I really enjoy telling stories but this time I'll just show the photos.. Part 1 is all about Dalian, China...

Xinghai Park - Asia's largest Park

Xinghai Park - Offices

Xinghai Residences

When I go back I'll take some winter versions of these photos.. :) That would be FUN! Next one is Dalian Forest Zoo, which is another great place to visit..

Dalian Forest Zoo


Lot's of things to see and there's a playground for kids too..


From Animals

To Botanical Gardens

with souvenir shops..

Wishing Ponds.. (coz' it's not a well.. ? hmmm)

And my favorite part is where you can feed wild animals with live chickens.. You can see them break it.. I actually got scared when a pack of Hyenas are running towards my direction.. Freaky but a good experience..

But don't worry, you're safe with these walls.. and you can see them clearly!

And before you go home... you get to relax in their bird's sanctuary with a great view of this artificial waterfalls..

And finally, time to say goodbye.. The Exit (or could be your entrance and the other one as the exit) :D

Check my Part 2 in my next post which is all about Beijing! :D


  1. Dino! Madaming maganda makikita sa China.. More over Dalian is very small.. Mas malaki pa ata Metro Manila.. :D

    China have so much to offer.. ang hirap lang ng language barrier.. hahaha

  2. Cool nice pics! Nakakainspire magshoot, cant wait to go to CHINA

  3. nice one jay.. :)
    dapat may shots ka na kumakain ng chicken un mga wild animals :)

  4. @Pat,
    Thanks.. Mas madami magandang lugar sa Shanghai! Have fun there!

  5. @Mike,
    Oo nga eh.. Kaso I only saw it three times and lahat biglaan. Kaunti lang din nagpapakain ng live chicken kasi mahal din.. :D