Friday, October 21, 2011

A Quick Look - Shanghai Qibao Ancient Town

I have been planning to see Shanghai before I go back home. So when I finally decided to quit work, I planned to stop by over at Shanghai to check it. Beijing and Shanghai are the two most popular cities of China so I wanted to see both before I leave the country.

After an hour and a half flight from Dalian, arrived in Shanghai Pudong airport around 9:30AM and took MAGLEV train towards Longyang station. The train ride was funny since it's my first time to ride one that goes at the speed 475km/hr. Took me around around 6 minutes to arrive at Longyang instead of 40-50 minutes if I took the regular train. Ok. Nothing to tell about my hotel room. Hahaha.

Met with my friend and her mom. Our first stop is Shanghai's Qibao Ancient Town. Arrived there around 1PM so time for lunch: TEPPANYAKI!

Teppanyaki - Eggs
Teppanyaki Chef

After lunch, straight towards the ancient town. Noticed this old house sandwiched between modern buildings.

I though it's the start of the of Ancient town which turned out not to be. Well it's actually a small town besides the house above, more like a small version of Venice with Chinese architecture.

What The Town Has To Offer
The Entrance along Qibao St.
I always advise my friends not to visit China during holidays because of the crowd. Now some proofs why. hahahah!

Start - Bumpy Crowd
Middle - Sardines.. Too Crowded
Along this straight path are souvenir shops where you can buy Chinese handicrafts etc.

Chinese Shoes

Chinese Dress
This town's main attraction is the village by the river. The pictures would have been better if the weather was nice although I think this place is very lovely at night!

The Bridge
The view is not really that long, just a few meters but enough to show you what this town used to be.

The Other Side - hate the powerlines
I would like to go back to this place, but this time at night. I  see a lot of potential views of this place during the night!


  1. The ancient town you visited is very similar to what we've seen at Summer Palace Beijing. The bridge, houses and community setting, just wondering sino kaya ang original?

  2. Mitch, am not sure. The one is Suzhou seems to be similar too. Hahaha..