Sunday, October 23, 2011

A Quick Look - Shanghai Best Shots

Blogging is really hard. After reading my previous post I realized am really not that good when it comes to writing. Still will try my best to add some little stories here and there but I'll pass for this one. :D

On this set, you will see some street shots which you'll most probably disagree as good.. hahah

Qibao Ancient City

Shanghai Expo - The Alien Spaceship.. that is actually made by Mercedes. :)

Shanghai Expo - Japanese Garden

Shanghai at night taken at Jin Mao Tower

This one is taken from the other side of the river..

And some few extras..

FORTUNATELY it was a wonderful trip!..

You can see all my photos during my Shanghai trip in Flickr but you have to add me though to be able to view them. :)

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