Thursday, October 13, 2011

3 Months Italy - Pisa

This is my super late three months business trip in Italy wherein I was assigned to assists in one of our client's automation project. Due to some problems with my visa, I arrived Friday late night in Florence Italy. The very next day I joined my friends to travel around Pisa.

Pisa Centrale Station View

Typical Italian Street

We have all day so I was able to convince them that we should walk our way towards the Leaning Tower instead of taking the bus. If not, we wouldn't have seen this beautiful garden.

Mandatory Self Portrait 1
Mandatory Self Portrait 2
The Seats

The Seats in Black & White

Theater House at the Middle of the Garden
Its just too bad that we were not able to find the name of the place. There was also a botanical garden on the left side. I found out that most people who come here either paint, read or just relax.

It's already lunch time when we started moving out of the garden. Some few photos along the way.

On My Way

Mandatory Self Portrait 3

One More Stop Before the Tour
Ok let's start. First of, the price.

Ticket Prices

Now time to make your own pose with the tower. hahahah
Tower of Pisa

I was actually amazed not with the tower but the church besides it. The level of detail was amazing and I can't even imagine how great those artist were.
Cathedral of Pisa

Aside from the walls and ceilings of the the church, the doors were carved magnificently.
The Church's Door
Sample Carvings at the door

Overall, the entire trip was fun. The church and the tower is indeed a must see. I find them different with the other churches in Italy.

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