Saturday, March 20, 2010

Pentax K7

After finally deciding which camera to get, I couldn't stop myself thinking about it. I was planning to get it end of next week but I couldn't stop that itchy feeling on my hand. It was Thursday afternoon when I suddenly grab my phone, called the store owner and reserved one camera for me. And after an hour or two, I was there at the store smiling like a devil trying my new camera.

Afterwards, I contacted my friend to borrow some of his lenses. Although I bought the 2-kit lenses with the camera. Unfortunately I don't have time to play with it since I still have work the following day. Everything happened so fast until I lied down on bed and started thinking what happened in that span of hours. What a rush!!!!

Friday night or should I say Saturday morning, I decided to check my camera's shutter count. It's brand new so it should be low. Turned my PC on, opened the file in PhotoMe and then BOOM!... 750 shots!!! What!!!.. It's brand new.. How come there's 750 shutter counts already.

Daybreak came and I instantaneously called the store about it. Got no answer, but hey it's 8:30AM in the morning and store opens @ 10AM. Can't describe what I'm feeling back then even if everything seems fresh! A few minutes later, the store owner contacted me and decided to replace the camera.

Too many things happened for just getting a new camera. Enough of this.


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