Tuesday, March 16, 2010


As you've read from my previous post, am about to buy a new set of photography gears. And with the long list of choices, I finally decided on which one to get.

But before anything else, I gotta admit first that I was struck by this contagious "GEAR-HEAD" mentality. The idea of improving your skills by acquiring the latest gear in the market. This was actually the reason why I sold almost, if not, all of my gears. As you can see from the list, the first one is the new raved Canon 7D. I was ready to get this camera at the time I was writing my previous post if only my funds were not limited.

And so weeks past as I was steadily increasing my funds, I came across some few posts in dpreview forums asking which camera to get. There's a lot of threads there regarding this topic and you'll get the same response. Most of which states the pros and cons. And then I remembered I posted something like choosing your first camera. Decided to take a look and realized I was doing the exact opposite of what I wrote back then.

"It's the INDIAN not the PANA."

This quote has always been in my mind when I was shooting back in 2008. To never let your gear outgrow you. Shame on me though to forget about it and be swayed to do the opposite.

So to clear things up, I started back at the first step. A few days later, I ended up choosing Pentax K7 from the list. I still don't have the camera though, but I'll be getting one next week together with a new set of lenses. Join me in my next post to welcome my new camera.
Click on the photo, courtesy of dpreview, to check camera specifications.

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