Sunday, March 28, 2010

K7 @ Intramuros

Buying the K-7 Thursday night was not just about impulse, well somehow it went that way.. :) One reason why I was in hurry was because I have a shoot with my college friends whom I have not seen for years. Buying it earlier than the shoot means more time to familiarize myself with the new camera.

Unfortunately, bad news came when I received a text message from Mike early morning the day before the shoot. He said, "Jay, sorry can't make it on Sunday. Stuck at work until tomorrow". I was calm and peaceful somehow that instead of getting frustrated I felt sorry for him. We've planned this shoot a month before and everything was just thrown out because of work. Sometimes things just don't get the way you planned it.

Afterwards, I spent the whole morning thinking of what to do then. Minutes later, me and my friend decided to go to Intramuros.

First few photos while waiting for my friend..

It rained while shooting and we ended up doing Model Shoot after.
Meet Jam..

and Bijay...

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