Thursday, November 11, 2010

Dalian - A Century Old City in North East China

I have always wanted to see the world, even just a part of it. So when an opportunity for me to work in China suddenly showed up, I just grabbed it. Well it was not that fast since I have to weigh things out because the offer was not that great. Hahaha..

I was hired in Dalian, a city I've never heard neither read. I have read a few about it in the net but not as much as Beijing or Shanghai.

Dalian.. A Century Old City, North East of China

Knowing only a few things about the city, expectations are down. I even lowered it more when I arrived in Hongkong, wherein the gate going to Dalian was like a ghost town. You could count the number of people waiting there.

Hongkong Airport - Gate 508 to Dalian

When I arrived in Dalian, it was already half past nine in the evening so I couldn't see anything through the plane's window except for the road lights, the Highway itself. The streets were  almost empty on the way to the hotel. I could only see few people probably waiting for the bus on their way home. Only one thing was clear, this is a very small boring city. Add to that my lonely hotel, homesick is kicking already.. hahah

XinBanDao Hotel - The Room

Easiest way out of boredom.. Self Portrait!

But as days go by, things are changing. Am starting to like the city specially their transportation. I really like their bus and tram system. It's convenient and very cheap. For just one Yuan you can travel the whole stretch of Dalian from North to South. Some of my office mates said that the tram is very crowded, but for me it's normal specially when you're accustomed to our MRT crowd.

My first photo with the Tram at the background

My first weekend was a blast. I get to stay at a very good apartment, a welcome party, a taste of Dalian bars and a good stroll at the Asia's largest Park.

It was thanks to these guys.. although Briggs, the main man is not in the picture.. heheh

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