Wednesday, September 16, 2009

First Few Shots!

September 29, 2007 was the day when I had my first DSLR. It took me days and months to decide which one to get. Been reading reviews everywhere until I ended up with 2 cameras to choose from.

Brand was a major issue for me at the start but ended up with the not-so-popular one i.e. Pentax. I've chosen it over the other base on a single reason, how the camera feels on my hands. Feels just right and my big hands fit perfectly in the camera's grip.

This is my first camera and it is a Pentax K100D Super.
I just found out today that the first pic taken by this camera was a group of senior citizens. Suprising! I don't even know them and yet they greeted me as if they know me.. heheh

They call themselves Ikebana. A group of people doing flower arrangements for different occasions. They have an exhibit going on that day so I decided to try my new camera. Some few shots of the flowers..

With these shots(no editing done).. I made the right choice, not in a sense that the other camera was not good. It's just that I really like Pentax colors!

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